Mindfulness, gratitude & new love for Bristol.

The last few months have been full of changes for me.  I have been thinking of writing an article around changes and transitions and the impact this has on mental wellness.  Sharing both my own experiences and research on the topic.

But, for now I want to focus on the present.

I have built a portfolio of interesting projects that I’m excited to be working on and am grateful I now have capacity to expand my counselling practice in Bristol.

One of the unexpected perks of this change is that I’m spending more time noticing new things in Bristol. Well, not new exactly. Spending time in slightly different areas and taking alternative routes around the centre has re-sparked my love and gratitude for the wonderful city of Bristol.60952975_428935487903323_283225446466715648_n

I’m planning to fix up my bike over the weekend and enjoy some mindful cycle rides.  A great combination of self care, exercise and free entertainment!  But, sometimes when time is short or life is busy these big promises we make ourselves go awry. So, for now I am making the promise to myself to spend more time consciously “in” area’s of Bristol that had become an unnoticed part of my commute to work.

What are your favourite parts of Bristol? Feel free to share any hidden gems for me to explore.

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