10 Year Graduation Reflections

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my graduation from The University of Plymouth. This was the day I was ‘officially’ awarded a BSc (hons) in Psychology.

If I’m being honest – after completing three years, the feeling I most remember was being glad it was over and feeling incredibly lost. I had enjoyed the course and the experience of University, but wasn’t really sure why I was doing it. I hadn’t really thought about what happens next. I knew I was keen to move on to new challenges – but wasn’t sure what that might look like.

At the time, I considered doing a Masters Degree the following year – it seemed like the ‘done thing’. But, then I realised I hadn’t really given myself the space to think about what I actually wanted the next stages of my professional (or personal) life to look like. I decided to take a break from studying to get some linked work experience while I worked out which direction I wanted to go… Little did I know I’d have enrolled on another course less than 5 months later!

For years after, I questioned if it had been worth it? was I really using my degree? I had no doubt that it helped me get onto other training – but I knew that I could have gotten onto those courses through other routes. It was only 6 years after graduating – whilst on a training day for working with Trauma that it clicked. I finally found a context that made my neuroscience modules and child development research feel worthwhile!

It’s funny to think that it took me so long for me to fully internalise the learning and for my education to feel joined up. Logically I already knew that it was – but I needed to find the route that worked for me.

As it stands I’ve continued to do various training courses and am still excited to grow and learn. I never did do that Masters – but now when I consider it, it comes from a place of curiosity not grandiosity!

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