August Training update

August has been an interesting month for training. I am still settling into my new routine and have been reviewing area’s I’d like to grow my knowledge. This is informing my CPD plan for the coming months. I’m feeling really positive about how these things will inform my practice.

My ongoing training this month has been the “Rough Sleeper Mental Health” course through Aneemo. I am currently on module three of four.

I have also enrolled on the British Psychological Society approved ‘Advanced Supervision Skills’ course through SDS. Afterwards, I will be completing the accreditation for this as a part of my future CPD.

In addition to these courses, I have been reading more about PIE and trauma informed care.

This book has been really interesting, it’s also made me think about reviewing some of my older trauma books with fresh eyes…

… Speaking of ‘fresh eyes’, I’ve picked up my new glasses prescription – so am looking forward to reading even more in September now things are less blurry!

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