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Messy Mindfulness – Pastel Coloured Fingers

For some people – including me, art is a wonderful form of self care and self expression. I can be guilty of putting the ‘fun’ things on the back burner and instead putting the emphasis on my never ending to do list!

Today I decided to take my own advice; I allowed myself time to rest and be calm. I took out my pastels got creative…

I like to play around with lots of different mediums, but I find the ones which I find most relaxing are pastels and charcoal. There is something about the process of applying them to paper, it’s a great exercise in mindfulness. I worry less about the final outcome and allow myself to be in the moment.

Usually I’ll use pastel knives to apply and blend if I’m doing a commissioned portrait. But, if you’re willing to get messy there’s a lovely tactile element to pastels and that’s what I did! The final picture is also pretty calming, it’s a copy of a picture I did at a Jeremy Ford workshop several years ago. I had realised I was getting too ‘in my head’ – so gave myself something to replicate. I didn’t want to think, I just wanted to do.

Last year I bumped into an artist that I was taught by in school. He asked if I still drew and when I hesitated – he said to me;

“you simply must create, it will keep you well”

and he was right.

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