October Training & Updates

Happy Halloween!

After a couple months stuffed full with personal development training and other growth. I have decided to slow it down for the next few.

That said, I still have plenty to update you about…

This October I renewed my Safeguarding Level 3 training to make sure I am up to date with new guidance.

Following on from the August update. I have now completed the “Rough Sleeper Mental Health” training and have gone on to review some of my older trauma reading.

and following on from September’s Update – I am now an Accredited Sexual Violence Crisis Worker!

Often I lean towards more clinical courses for CPD, but this month I branched out and I decided to enroll on the Open University’s level 5 Management and Leadership course. I have already completed all the modules.

It’s been a funny few months for change and new challenges. I’ve been doing a lot of personal reflection on change, loss and goals. It’s a challenging thing to face in itself, but it does mean I’ve allowed myself the space to work out what sustains me within a working environment (other than client work). It’s also granted me with the time and space to plan my next steps around this. All of this means that there will be some more exciting news coming again soon…

Are you looking for training on Training on Suicide Awareness & Prevention? – a trusted colleague is running this training event at Hamilton House on Monday 25th November 2019. He is a lead in the field of Suicide Prevention and a brilliant facilitator.

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