Ask A Therapist: How can I build self confidence?


Within my clinical practice, this is one of the most commonly asked questions.  It’s not too difficult for most of us to identify that a lack of self confidence or self esteem can make life more challenging.  It’s not hard to decide we want to build our self confidence.  So why is it that what comes next is often a puzzled look.

We’re bombarded by messages that ‘self confidence is sexy’ or that ‘you just have to believe in yourself.  Yet live in a world where in a 2018 study,  87.3% of adult participants admitted to feelings of ‘impostor syndrome’ . Continue reading “Ask A Therapist: How can I build self confidence?”


6 Podcasts for Mental Wellbeing

I love a good podcast. It’s great to stick headphones on to take my mind off of things, to ground myself… or just to kill time on a boring commute.

Here are a few of my current favorites with a theme around mental well-being;

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day


This is a podcast that celebrates the things that haven’t gone right. Each week Elizabeth interviews a new guest about their biggest failures and what they have learnt from failing. Two of my favorite interviews are author Franchesca Segal and athlete Dame Kelly Homes. This podcast leaves me feeling grateful for all my experiences, not just the ‘positive’ ones. Available here.

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Messy Mindfulness – Pastel Coloured Fingers

For some people – including me, art is a wonderful form of self care and self expression. I can be guilty of putting the ‘fun’ things on the back burner and instead putting the emphasis on my never ending to do list!

Today I decided to take my own advice; I allowed myself time to rest and be calm. I took out my pastels got creative…

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September Training / CPD Update

The last few months have been particularly busy so I was thankful that I’d booked myself a little weekend break at the start of the month.

On my return, I got straight back into my CPD plans.  There’s been so many transitions professionally that I’m excited to keep pushing my learning/experience even further. With this in mind, I have now completed my Advanced Supervisor Training through SDS – and will soon have submitted the accreditation paperwork alongside this.

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Weekend Counselling Sessions available in Bristol now!

Having taken on board feedback about how weekend sessions are easier for some. I’m very excited to announce that my books are now open for new referrals.

If you are thinking if accessing Counselling in Bristol. I now have availability for Saturday bookings available for counselling in the Knowle West Healthy Living Centre’s therapy rooms.

The centre has free parking and is on Bristols 90/91 bus routes.

I have ensured this is an accessible building, with wide doorways, no steps and disabled parking.

If you’re thinking of trying counselling or you would like to ask a question, you can contact me here.