Reflections: Donating Stem Cells

This post is a little different to my usual posts. 4 years ago today I donated stem cells to an anonymous patient after being identified as a match on The Antony Nolan Foundation register. The Antony Nolan Foundation saves lives of people with blood cancer by matching them with people willing to donate stem cells or bone marrow. Here’s an overview of my experience…

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Headspace App – Free “Weathering the Storm” section

With the current Covid-19 situation impacting so many, it’s common to feel anxious or powerless.

Many companies are offering free support. I’ll be posting some here that I think you may find helpful. Today, I’m sharing ‘Headspace’ with you [not sponsored]. It’s an App I often recommend and this week they have released a free section in the app called  Weathering the storm, it’s available to everyone and free for the next few months.

It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help guide you through this. They say “It’s our small way of helping you find some space and kindness for yourself, and those around you.”

You can also try other app’s with free meditation/mindfulness tools, such as ‘Calm’ or ‘Insight Timer’. Let me know your favorite relaxation apps in the comments!


Counselling sessions & Corona virus (Covid 19)

I know a lot of people are feeling very anxious about the current Corona virus situation.

If you want to start counselling or are currently working with me, I am currently still offering face to face sessions. I have taken advice and considered measures to minimise risk.

If you are self isolating I can offer video call/phone sessions if you would like to continue therapy. Please contact me to discuss.

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“New Years New Me” & the January blues

This time of year as filled with people making new years resolutions and chants of ‘new year new me’. This seldom lasts longer than the ‘January blues’ and it seems we’d all be better off taking care of our Mental Health and general well-being instead of punishing ourselves by trying to become a completely different person.

While I was considering this, I remembered an article comedian John Robins wrote last year for the Metro.

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December news and favorites

I’m posting a little earlier this month as I don’t want to clash with New Years. December has been a month of change for me, I suppose the whole of 2019 has been really!

The last six months or so have felt like I’ve been setting myself up for a more stable 2020, which is quite an exciting prospect.

With change on mind, I’m trying a different format for this post too…

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November Counselling Updates & Changes

As I mentioned in Octobers post – I’ve made a conscious decision to take a month off training. I’ve also had to close my books to new therapy referrals as I’m currently working to capacity.

I currently have no spaces available for private therapy and so have closed my books until further notice.*

This month I have also finished my post with the Mental Health Charity and am wrapping up some other work in anticipation of starting a new job role. It’s been an honor to work with such amazing organisations and I’ve had the added enjoyment of meeting many incredibly inspirational mental health professionals in Bristol.

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The Importance of a ‘Good Enough’ Ending;

Leaving Mental Health Charity, Second Step…

A parting gift from my lovely colleagues

Today was my last working day working as Second Step’s Reflective Practitioner and Psychological Therapist for PIE (Psychologically Informed Environments).

It’s been a pleasure working along side such a dedicated group of people and although, for me it’s the right time to move on to the next challenge. It’s got me thinking about the significance of endings, and the importance of doing them right.

I’ve always liked to look at endings as a kind of new beginning. 2019 has been a year of change and transitions for me. It’s held a lot of endings and new beginnings for me – and for a lot of the people I’ve worked with.

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